January 24, 2019

Bloody hell, Rosie!

"The Radical Roses are known for their great convinction, bringing swift ends to the enemies of the Imperium. Lead fiercely into battle by Sister Superior Rosaene, they're living up their names, because whatever the cost, they will bring down their enemies..."

The Radical Roses, Sisters of Battle Kill Team.

Got to say, I'm impressed! Rosie is the first of our group to finish painting her Kill Team and they look great! Rosie has chosen to paint them up as Sisters of the Order of the Bloody Rose, since she really liked the red and black colour scheme. The name of that order seemed appropriate aswell, haha!

Sisters Superior Rosaene, Leader of the Radical Roses.

Sister Superior Rosaene, Back.

Sister Superior Rosaene was quite a conversion, using one of the "Geminae Superia" from the Celestine, the living saint kit as a base for this model. We loved the dashing pose, which really showed the character of the Radical Roses! Going fiercely into battle and jumping straight to the enemies! We also used the head of Neave Blacktalon of the Warhammer Age of Sigmar line to customise this model some more and to finish it we added a classic Sisters of Battle backpack.

Sister Sariah, Sister Katheline and Sister Eleanor.

Sister Annilia, Sister Cathena and Sister Maisente.

The other Sisters of Battle are just the regular oldschool models, which we got in a pretty good deal! Rosie really wanted to go for the Sisters of Battle and since we still have to wait for the plastic Sisters of Battle to arrive, this seemed the best way to go for now. I actually like the look of the metal miniatures, since they bring such an awesome nostalgic feeling with them. They  bring me back to my childhood, haha! I think Rosie did a really awesome job at painting them and made some nice progress along the way. One of the things she learned is how lenses are meant to be paint for example and they are coming along nicely.

Since there are no rules yet for using Sisters of Battle in Kill Team, we decided to use them as count as Tactical Space Marines. The storm bolter on Sister Cathena is actually used as a heavy bolter for now because it's quite easy to distinguish from the other weapons that are being used.

Well that's it for now, some nice progress was made this week! I'm currently working on restoring the terrain that was damaged when Jet decided it was a good idea to jump on a board full of terrain... You can actually see some of the terrain in the background of the pictures above. It's also really cold here right now so I can't prime any of my mini's... Lucky for me, I've have enough to do...Haha. When I'm finished with repairing the terrain, I will definitely post it!

Untill next time,


January 19, 2019

Leading by example.

"All brethren execute extraction plan."
"What of this one, Brother-Sergeant?"
"No witnesses."
- Brother-Sergeant Taghaes to Brother Maekel.

Brother-Sergeant Taghaes, leader of the Lion's Claw Strike Force.

Well, today I finally finished my Dark Angel Primaris Intercessor sergeant for my Kill Team! I'm pretty happy how he turned out, so I couldn't wait to show him on the blog. I've used the Dark Angels Primaris Lieutenant Zakariah as a base and added a Primaris Intercessor arm with Heavy Bolt pistol, since they can't use plasma pistols in Kill Team. I've also customised the head, using a Sternguard Veteran head and sculpting some hair on it... I kind off wanted to make this mini look a bit like myself, since he's representing me on the battlefield, haha!

It has been actually a pretty long time since I've finished painting a miniature, so I'm pretty proud of myself. I tend to built miniatures and never paint them, so this is kind of a big step in the right direction! It's always nicer to play tabletop games with painted miniatures, so I've got to keep this flow going.

I'm currently working on finishing building the miniatures for my Kill Team, so I can start painting them aswell. I've decided to build some Primaris intercessors with Space Marine jump packs and actually use them as Reivers armed with grapnel launchers. I prefer the look of Intercessors over Reivers, since they remind me a little bit too much of Spartans from Halo... I'm pretty excited to see how they turn out and I will post them as soon as they're done!

That's all for now.

Untill next time,


January 11, 2019

And so our journey begins again.

It's time for a fresh, new start on our blog. Consider the older posts as part of the "The Blog that was", because from now on we will try to maintain a new format where we add more narrative aspects to the posts! We're going to try to create more background stories for the miniatures that we make and the games that we play, so keep an eye out for that! But first let me introduce ourselves properly.

This is me, the "Space Marine" with the scared look on his face. My name is Tom and I'm currently 25 years of age. It all started 15 years ago when I bought my first box of Space Marines at the local toy store. Ever since, I've been addicted to this hobby and in the past years I've tried lots of different game systems, but Warhammer 40.000 always had a special place in my heart since it all started there. I've also enjoyed looking into Mordheim, but never managed to set up a campaign... Something I hope to change someday! The thing I've always have enjoyed the most of the hobby is spending my time on building and converting miniatures and thinking of ways how I can customize them. I have to admit that I rarely finish painting miniatures, which is kind of my bad habbit, haha! That's actually something I'm working on...

This is Miekel, my cousin. He's of the same age as me, just a couple of months older. Miekel is known for his great mustache and unlimited knowledge of awesome movie quotes! He's also a veteran with the hobby as he started playing Warhammer 40.000 back when he was only 10 years old. Back in the days he bought the 3th edition starter box and worked on his Black Templar Space Marines. Nowadays, Miekel is a true Imperial Guard player and rarely builds or paints something else than a Cadian Trooper. He's awesome at painting miniatures with great speed and sees it as a moment of relaxation. Rumors say he even whispers "Affix bayonets" in his sleep to show is loyalty to the guard...

This is Rosie, my lovely girlfriend! It all started for Rosie when I showed her some of the Lord of the Rings miniatures I had from back in the days, after seeing the movies again togheter. She really got excited and wanted to try to paint some herself. Soon after, she liked painting miniatures so much, she even started working on a Sisters of Battle Kill Team! Rosie has a great talent for painting miniatures and I'm really proud of the progress she's making. She's also a very fanatical when it comes to playing board games and tabletop games... She doesn't like to lose and she will fight untill the bitter end to win at all cost. (That's actually the reason why I have the scared look on my face... Don't let her smile fool you! People change when they're playing games, haha!)

My dear friend Toine is one of the most involved players of the group, as he's always down to play some tabletop games. With his great sense of humor, he's also a very welcome addition! Way back Toine bought a Warhammer Fantasy starter box containing Empire and Orcs and Goblins togheter with his little brother. That's where he got himself into the hobby. He always enjoyed to gaming part of the hobby above all and from time to time paints and builds miniatures.  As he is becoming an engin(s)eer in reallife, he's currently working on an Adeptus Mechanicus Kill Team to play with in the upcoming campaign... Praise the Omnissiah, right?

Ah, Axel... the giant of the group! No seriously, it's safe to say that this man is almost like a giant with an height of almost 2 meters tall! Axel has been a fellow hobbyist as long as I've known him. We actually met way back in the first class of high school and ever since we've been friends. He's the kind of guy that always knows every rule of every game by heart, making him very useful to have around, haha! Besides that, he's known for his roaring laughter and great enthusiasm for (new) tabletop games. This enthusiasm often results in extreme buying behaviour of new miniatures though... At the moment, Axel is working on a T'au Empire Kill team which is coming along nicely.

Aäron is our newest member! We've actually known eachother for quite some years, but only recently has he became involved with the hobby. However, he has been familiar with tabletop gaming for a long time since his older brother used to play Dungeons and Dragons back when he was in high school. Aäron is also making great progress on his hobby skills and is always striving to become better at painting and modelling. His first miniatures are Harlequins which he is now painting to use for Kill Team.

And last, but not least... there's Jet, the destroyer of worlds! Well, actually the destroyer of gaming boards, haha! Jet once jumped on a gaming board full of terrain, damaging everything on it! Even Rosie her Sisters of Battle fell down on the ground, breaking all of the backpacks off... Except for that, Jet is the sweetest creature around, always curious what we're doing and looking for some attention. We all like the little furball alot though!

So that's us, the Frenzied Mob! Currently our group is still working on finishing Kill Teams and learning to play the game properly. In the upcoming time, I hope to post some more about the Kill Teams and the battles we play! My intentions are to make the posts a combination of narratives and reports on the progress we make! I'm thinking of working out a setting and narrative for our Kill Team campaign, which I might post here aswell! Who know's what's coming!

Well, that's all for now!

Untill next time,


January 08, 2019

Happy New Year! 2019.

Hey guys, and again, it's been a while... But I haven't forgotten the blog, so here I am! :) Ready to start posting again. Let's say a new year, a new start, a new me, haha! But first, let me explain something...

Last year hasn't been the easiest year for me. At the end of the summer holiday of 2017 I became ill and the doctor told me I had mononucleosis/glandular fever (in Dutch we call it the "Ziekte van Pfeiffer"). This ilness makes you feel really tired all the time and you're low on energy. As you can imagine, this affected everything I did. I had to put most of the energy I had into my study so I wouldn't fall behind to much. This made me even more tired and that often resulted in the fact that I didn't have the energy to do anything hobby related. It's currently more than a year and a half since I got diagnosed and I'm happy to say that I'm feeling alot better now! But I'm still recovering which means that my energy is still not what it used to be... Small steps at a time it is for me :).

All of this is the reason that I didn't keep up again with my blog and I hope that this is the last time, no more excuses! My enthusiasm for the hobby is still there and I really want to start sharing my hobby adventures again on my blog. Since my last post, alot has happened actually! We all started working on Kill Teams and I built a Dark Angels Primaris one.

Dark Angels Sergeant, 2018.

During the Christmas holidays (only a couple of weeks ago) my cousin "Miekel" came over from America and we played alot of Kill Team with the other dudes! We played some matches and even visited the local Games Workshop in Alkmaar where we played a game before he left again. It was really fun and it inspired me again to keep on blogging, because it's always nice to keep the memories alive :). We also played some Blackstone Fortress, which was a really nice game to play. Miekel got it as a Christmas present which was really nice.

Also before I forget! I updated my banner and added a new face on it! It's the dude with the torch, haha! He's called Aäron and he's been into wargaming since a couple of months. We've introduced him into the hobby since the new Kill Team rules were released and since then he has been working on a Harlequin Kill Team. In the future I will post them on the blog :). Maybe it's time that I introduce all of the faces on the banner to you, sounds like something for next time :).

And as a closing, my New Year's resolution! It's more of a checklist of the things I want to complete and in which order. I still have alot to do, so I hope to finish it all before the end of 2019!

  • Finish building the Drukhari Kill Team for my sister.
  • Restore the damaged game boards and terrain and varnish them again.
  • Finish building the ruins from the Kill Team Starter box.
  • Finish building my Primaris Reivers.
  • Finish painting my Primaris Dark Angels Kill Team.
  • Finish painting the ruins from the Kill Team Starter box.
  • Finish building the "Honoured Imperium Box".
  • Finish painting the "Honoured Imperium Box".
  • Finish painting the Aegis Defence Line.
  • Write and design a Kill Team setting for future campaigns.
  • And above all, keep on playing Kill Team, visit the local Games Workshop more often and keep on posting on the blog!
Well, that's the list for now! After I finish this I might look into Shadespire, that game also has my attention. I curious how that game plays and I want to get into Age of Sigmar somehow...

Untill next time,


May 29, 2018

Fountain of Tribute.

Hey all, not so long ago I posted my first ruin for Mordheim and I really started to enjoy making terrain. In the meanwhile I was busy building a second ruin, but then I suddenly got an idea for a smaller piece of terrain... a fountain! So I decided to put the second ruin on hold and I started making the fountain as you can see below.

Work in progress, Fountain with statue, 2018.

I wanted to make a fountain with a statue on it, because I think this can really give a gaming table alot of character. Especially when you dedicate those statues to people or characters you know. I always liked the idea of basing characters in my wargames on people from the "real life" somehow. 

So I would like to dedicate this piece of terrain to the person which inspired me to get into Mordheim... Thomas from Tom's Boring Mordheim Blog! I personally think it's awesome to have a tribute on my future Mordheim table to such an awesome and inspiring person. 

It's actually been ages since we've spoken, but I remember him as a very nice and helpful person. Always ready to answer my questions I had about Mordheim for example. Even after all those years I still visit his blog to get inspired. It's one of my youth sentiments I guess, haha. 

So may I present to you guys, the finished Fountain:

Herr Thomas der Langweiliger Tribute Fountain, 2018.

Hope you guys like it :)! That's all for now, I will keep on working on more terrain pieces aswell!

Untill next time,


May 23, 2018

The long awaited ruin.

Hey all, it's been some time again!

I've been pretty busy with my studies at the moment, so my progress on my wargaming projects is very, very slow! But, I did finish my first ruin for Mordheim today! I'm actually pretty excited how it turned out since it's been mostly a try out for using various techniques and materials.

Finished Ruin for Mordheim, 2018.

I think it looks decent enough for my first serious attempt at building and painting a ruin for Mordheim. I got most of my inspiration for this ruin after playing "Vermintide 2'' game, which has some really nice looking Empire buildings in the game! The overall look of these buildings are more regular fantasy looking, just badly constructed haha!
I'm not very happy with the colour of the wood at the moment, so I might work on that later! Also I want to add some details and effects later on like wanted posters, weathering and so on to make it stand out more and give it more feeling. 

Work in progress on the ruin.

As you can see I've used alot of easy to find materials on this building to make the proces faster. I did this because it's sometimes hard for me to find certain materials like Balsa wood for example, which can really slow down the making of terrain. So I decided to use materials like popsicle sticks and matchsticks for the wooden parts. For the stones, I've used egg cartons, which gives a very nice texture which looks like stones after you paint them up! I found this actually on Pinterest, which has some really handy tips on it! And finally for the structure on the upperside of the ruin, I've used "Wood Filler".

Inside of the ruin.

As you can see the inside of the building is still pretty empty, so I have to figure something out to make it look more like a home that has been abondend. But for now, I'd rather focus on building some more ruins first! After that I'll come back to these ruins and work on them some more :)!

Well that's all for now! Roos is working on her Dwarf Warband at the moment and they're coming along pretty nice aswell! When she finishes some more mini's I will post them online and show them off. So stay tuned for some more Mordheim posts in the near future!

Untill next time,


May 09, 2018

The Sisters of my sister...

I've been searching through some old boxes lately and I found some really cool things I want to show! Roos and me have moved in together since last summer, so alot of things are actually still not unpacked... Time to do some treasure hunting!

To begin, I want to show you the Sisters of Sigmar from my "little" sister, Sam! (She's actually not that little anymore, haha.)

Sam's Sisters of Sigmar, 2008.

I quess she painted them soon after I bought them, which is on the same date of my very first post on this blog! I think my sister was 12 at that time, so considering that, I think she did a really awesome job back in the days painting these sisters up! :) I'm actually still quite impressed by her painting skills, since they are looking pretty decently for someone who has never painted any miniatures before these! Good job little sister, I will keep them safe!

But that's not all! I found some of my own miniatures aswell!

Dwarf Pirate Captain, Powder Monkey and Goblin Pirate Captain, Date unknown.

Back in the days when I was really active on the Boring Mordheim Forum, there actually was a guy named "Warboss Kurgan" that posted alot of awesome orc pirates he made! I really loved them and that inspired me to make some of my own Fantasy pirates! The result was that I made a Dwarven Pirate Captain and a Goblin Pirate Captain as you can see on the picture above :). I really have no idea when I made these miniatures, but it's pretty cool to look back at them since they bring back some nice memories of the Boring Mordheim forum times! I actually remember so many cool conversions from Warboss Kurgan and I would really recommend looking them up over there sometime!

Well, that's all for now! I'm currently still building some terrain for Mordheim, which is coming along pretty nice! When I finish the building, I will post them on the blog.

Untill next time,