May 29, 2018

Fountain of Tribute.

Hey all, not so long ago I posted my first ruin for Mordheim and I really started to enjoy making terrain. In the meanwhile I was busy building a second ruin, but then I suddenly got an idea for a smaller piece of terrain... a fountain! So I decided to put the second ruin on hold and I started making the fountain as you can see below.

Work in progress, Fountain with statue, 2018.

I wanted to make a fountain with a statue on it, because I think this can really give a gaming table alot of character. Especially when you dedicate those statues to people or characters you know. I always liked the idea of basing characters in my wargames on people from the "real life" somehow. 

So I would like to dedicate this piece of terrain to the person which inspired me to get into Mordheim... Thomas from Tom's Boring Mordheim Blog! I personally think it's awesome to have a tribute on my future Mordheim table to such an awesome and inspiring person. 

It's actually been ages since we've spoken, but I remember him as a very nice and helpful person. Always ready to answer my questions I had about Mordheim for example. Even after all those years I still visit his blog to get inspired. It's one of my youth sentiments I guess, haha. 

So may I present to you guys, the finished Fountain:

Herr Thomas der Langweiliger Tribute Fountain, 2018.

Hope you guys like it :)! That's all for now, I will keep on working on more terrain pieces aswell!

Untill next time,


May 23, 2018

The long awaited ruin.

Hey all, it's been some time again!

I've been pretty busy with my studies at the moment, so my progress on my wargaming projects is very, very slow! But, I did finish my first ruin for Mordheim today! I'm actually pretty excited how it turned out since it's been mostly a try out for using various techniques and materials.

Finished Ruin for Mordheim, 2018.

I think it looks decent enough for my first serious attempt at building and painting a ruin for Mordheim. I got most of my inspiration for this ruin after playing "Vermintide 2'' game, which has some really nice looking Empire buildings in the game! The overall look of these buildings are more regular fantasy looking, just badly constructed haha!
I'm not very happy with the colour of the wood at the moment, so I might work on that later! Also I want to add some details and effects later on like wanted posters, weathering and so on to make it stand out more and give it more feeling. 

Work in progress on the ruin.

As you can see I've used alot of easy to find materials on this building to make the proces faster. I did this because it's sometimes hard for me to find certain materials like Balsa wood for example, which can really slow down the making of terrain. So I decided to use materials like popsicle sticks and matchsticks for the wooden parts. For the stones, I've used egg cartons, which gives a very nice texture which looks like stones after you paint them up! I found this actually on Pinterest, which has some really handy tips on it! And finally for the structure on the upperside of the ruin, I've used "Wood Filler".

Inside of the ruin.

As you can see the inside of the building is still pretty empty, so I have to figure something out to make it look more like a home that has been abondend. But for now, I'd rather focus on building some more ruins first! After that I'll come back to these ruins and work on them some more :)!

Well that's all for now! Roos is working on her Dwarf Warband at the moment and they're coming along pretty nice aswell! When she finishes some more mini's I will post them online and show them off. So stay tuned for some more Mordheim posts in the near future!

Untill next time,


May 09, 2018

The Sisters of my sister...

I've been searching through some old boxes lately and I found some really cool things I want to show! Roos and me have moved in together since last summer, so alot of things are actually still not unpacked... Time to do some treasure hunting!

To begin, I want to show you the Sisters of Sigmar from my "little" sister, Sam! (She's actually not that little anymore, haha.)

Sam's Sisters of Sigmar, 2008.

I quess she painted them soon after I bought them, which is on the same date of my very first post on this blog! I think my sister was 12 at that time, so considering that, I think she did a really awesome job back in the days painting these sisters up! :) I'm actually still quite impressed by her painting skills, since they are looking pretty decently for someone who has never painted any miniatures before these! Good job little sister, I will keep them safe!

But that's not all! I found some of my own miniatures aswell!

Dwarf Pirate Captain, Powder Monkey and Goblin Pirate Captain, Date unknown.

Back in the days when I was really active on the Boring Mordheim Forum, there actually was a guy named "Warboss Kurgan" that posted alot of awesome orc pirates he made! I really loved them and that inspired me to make some of my own Fantasy pirates! The result was that I made a Dwarven Pirate Captain and a Goblin Pirate Captain as you can see on the picture above :). I really have no idea when I made these miniatures, but it's pretty cool to look back at them since they bring back some nice memories of the Boring Mordheim forum times! I actually remember so many cool conversions from Warboss Kurgan and I would really recommend looking them up over there sometime!

Well, that's all for now! I'm currently still building some terrain for Mordheim, which is coming along pretty nice! When I finish the building, I will post them on the blog.

Untill next time,


April 30, 2018

Undesirable No. 1.

Hey all! I just wanted to show these beautiful miniatures Roos painted a while ago!

Roos is a really big fan of the Harry Potter books and movies and really likes to be creative. So I told her about the Harry Potter range from Funko Pop and that people customize them by painting them for example. She really got excited of this idea, so we decided to order some of the Harry Potter Funko Pop keychains and started customizing!

So I removed the eyes and the noses of these figurines and sculpted some hair on Ron Weasley to make him stand out from Harry Potter. The Ron Weasley Figurine is actually the same as Harry Potter, only with it's glasses removed. We couldn't find a Ron Weasley in that scale, so we had to make one ourselves.

After that, Roos painted the figurines and I got to say I was really impressed by the results. I really love the way how Roos painted them up and I think they look awesome! :) They give me this feeling that they look like illustrations from a children's book, which I think is really cool! I hope you like them as well!

That's all for now, I hope to show some more miniatures and maybe even some terrain soon!

Untill next time,


Introducing the newest comptetitors! Toine's Blood Bowl Dwarves.

Hey all, it's been a while since my last post! We've been very busy painting up our Blood Bowl miniatures. So I tought it was time to introduce to you our newest competitors for our upcoming games of Blood Bowl, Toine's Dwarves! :) (Toine hasn't decided on a name yet for his team, so that's something we owe you for the future.)

Toine is actually pretty new to painting miniatures and I've got to say he's making awesome progress! Currently he's working on adding shades and highlights. I think they're looking very cool and I'm excited to see how the team will look when they're all finished! And ofcourse, how they'll do in the coming games of Blood Bowl!

Also I've been speaking to my Cousin Mike (Better known as "Niffa",  Mieker or/and Miekel ), and we would like to be playing Warhammer 40.000 Kill Teams during the upcoming Christmas holiday. This may seem pretty far away at this time, but since Mieker lives in the United States, we need to plan this kind of things early on... So I've got to start thinking about which kind of Kill Team I would like to play and build :)! Mieker also has some cool ideas for terrain, so we might work them out! Who know's what the future will bring...

That's all for now, untill next time,


April 22, 2018

Fond memories.

Just a little heads up from yesterday's meeting.

Yesterday evening me and the guys met up to paint some more of our Blood Bowl miniatures. After a while, Ax decided to search some of the forums we used to post and found this!
It's a miniature I painted a long time ago, another mercenary with a monkey I sculpted. (I guess I really liked monkeys, haha.) Back in the days we used to go over to the Games Workshop in Amsterdam during the weekends and spent there the whole day painting. Used to be really fun! These are actually fond memories, so I'm glad Ax found this picture :).

Untill next time,


April 21, 2018

Jim & Bob's seal of approval.

So currently we're all working on Blood Bowl teams to play some games. Even my girlfriend likes painting, so I got her a Wood Elf team which I converted out of the Elfheim Eagles box. I'm really impressed by her painting skills already, so I decided to post them on the official Blood Bowl Facebook page to see what Jim & Bob would think of them...

Really glad they liked them as much as I do! In the near future I will post more about the Blood Bowl teams we're making!

Well, that's all for now! Untill Next time,