14 August, 2008

The Start.

Hey There!
This is the moment where my Mordheim ''carreer'' really starts. After making a huge start with this perfect deal, I finally bought my warband I am gonna play, Witch Hunters.
I've changed my warband alot, from Dwarfs to Undead, I tried most but never had succes. After reading some fluff off the Witch Hunters again, I was sold. For people who know me a bit, I am sold fast with Warbands..

Anyway, I am starting painting as soon as possible. Me and Rens want to play a campaign around Christmas, which gives me alot of time to finish my warband and board. Also, the starterbox provides me with alot of buildings. Home-made ones would be better, but now I can paint my warband without worries of making terrain. If I got some spare time, I will make some little pieces of terrain, got some old ideas I still want to make. I'm really looking forward to play a campaign soon!
O.K. Enough said,
Untill next time,